Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dancing Into A New Week

There were NFL games this weekend. There were more protests and there were male cheerleaders.

Some of us tried but couldn't look the other way.

Twitter user @vivalaparody99 offered up the weekend's top tweet on the subject.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Insanity Engulfs the LA Dodgers (UPDATED 8.18)

Why is this man laughing?

"Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results."

Meet Dave Roberts. He's the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the man responsible for losing the 2017 World Series. Now he's on a mission to ruin the Dodgers playoff hopes for 2018. He is certifiably insane.

I do not loathe Dave Roberts, in fact I have much respect for him as a man. He fought and beat cancer and by all accounts is GREAT guy. He's just not a very good manager.

His team has lost four straight games and in all of them the culprit was the same. The bullpen. Led by Scott Alexander, with help from J.T. Chargois and Dylan Floro, the LA pen has blown four straight saves. That's a real bad month for an MLB team but for it to happen in less than a week, well it's downright insane.

The point is that Roberts keeps sending out the same guys, who keep getting the same results. I understand that the Dodger bullpen is missing its closer Kenley Jansen (heart). However the LA skipper is reluctant to use his best reliever, 21 year old Caleb Ferguson (1.14 ERA). Ferguson pitched the 8th inning Saturday in Colorado and was dominant throwing a 15-pitch perfect inning. Those must have been 15 strenuous pitches though because Roberts took him out with a 4-2 lead and replaced him in the 9th with Alexander and then Chargois who served up a three-run walkoff homer. 

My point is this. Dave it's not working and it's time to think outside the box. Give the young guy a chance and do it in a high leverage situation. You've got nothing to lose.

My final thought is on the Dodgers front office. They tried to build the bullpen on the cheap and it is biting them on the butt. Their goal was to spend as little as possible and stay under the MLB luxury tax threshold. Mission accomplished. Congratulations. Enjoy watching the playoffs from home.

*Bullpen update: To Roberts credit he DID give the young guy a chance. Ferguson, working in a high leverage 8th inning spot, gave up a game tying three-run homer. The Dodgers came back to win in extra innings 4-3.

NFL Loser of the Week. Marshawn Lynch

The first full week of the NFL preseason is in the books. Hopefully no one noticed.

Throughout the year, we'll be choosing an ingrate/POS from the NEW NFL. As President Trump might say, the NFL isn't sending us its best. These protester's are racist, cop hating thugs. many of whom have been arrested for crimes ranging from selling or using drugs, weapons and domestic violence, to name a few. They disrespect America at every turn and are encouraging a generation of young fans to do the same.

*Our first POS award goes to Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch.

It's worth noting that Lynch was arrested in 2008 for drunk driving (hours before his youth football camp) which was plead down to reckless driving. He was arrested in 2009 following his guilty plea on a misdemeanor weapons charge.

As expected, the NFL is getting BLASTED on social media, including Twitter.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Toothless NFL Gets Hijacked by Players Union

It's official. The NFL is now under now ownership.

This version of the NFL isn't being run by the $40 million dollar per year gutless commissioner nor the billionaire boys club who own the franchises. NOPE. The NFL is now in the hands of a group of non-patriotic, militant, racist players who have hijacked the game that many of us loved. Their protests, they say, are to raise awareness of police brutality and alleged racial inequality in the country That's BS and if you believe it, then we need to talk about this great investment opportunity. Just send $500 and we'll talk. 

Given that a documented 40% of NFL players are felons or have been arrested, this isn't about "awareness". It's about having eight years of Barack Obama as President and the false sense of entitlement he gave you. Every cop who rightfully pulled you over and arrested your ass is now the "bad guy". Every police officer who has busted you for domestic abuse, drug possession, assaults, drugs, marijuana, weapons, etc. is guilty of police brutality. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong and Wrong.

At least be honest. You, the new owners of the NFL, have launched and are carrying on a bullshit protest. If you were so damned determined to change the world for the better, you'd be in, I don't know, maybe Chicago where 72 people were shot this weekend in black-on-black violence. Or maybe you could address the growing absentee fathers rate in black America.

I'm frustrated beyond belief. If there was more I could do, I'd do it. Right now I can only hope that the television ratings continue to plummet and that sponsors continue to abandon the NFL ship. Maybe President Trump will look into removing the league's anti-trust exemption.

Support the NFL if you please. As for me I'm going to spend Sunday's watching Live P.D. reruns and cheering for the real heroes.

Read more on Fox News.

Monday, August 6, 2018

NFL Determined To Fail

It's becoming crystal clear that the NFL didn't learn its lesson from last season's National Anthem controversy.

Despite losing fans and sponsors, and experiencing all-time low TV ratings, the league appears to be siding with the players. Jurrell Casey of the Tennessee Titans says fines be damned, he's going to continue protesting. Except Jurrell you don't get fined, the team does. Anyway here are a couple of different takes from Fox News and Mediaite.

The NFL continues to slap law enforcement squarely in the face, not to mention our brave military men and women, both past and present.

Casey is the latest (and something tells me won't be the last) to show a blatant disregard for the country.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

At the Intersection of Sports and Politics

Politics and Sports have always been intertwined but not to the level they are today.

From the NFL anthem policy to high-profile athletes weighing in on EVERY subject, fans are being force fed a daily heaping of politics with their sports. Forget the box score, if you want to know what's up with your team, you need to check Twitter.

A disclaimer. I'm a strong supporter of Donald Trump. The great things he's done, far outweigh the negatives. I'm also respectful of the OFFICE.

There's not enough space or time to list every athlete who doesn't like the POTUS. I get it. You don't like him, you don't respect him and you can't find anything good to say about him. But for god's sake grow up and consider how your words are going to affect your young impressionable fans.

Lately LeBron James has been the most vocal. He blasted DJT on CNN this week. LeBron is many things to many people. Too me he's a racist who is as divisive as the man he hates. Check out this interview clip from 2017 when he called Trump a bum. You'll also see that he's NOT exactly a Rhodes Scholar:

Here's a suggestion for LeBron and ALL the haters; President Trump doesn't tell you how to play hoops. Don't tell him how to do his job. If you can't respect the man at least respect the office.

While your at it you could talk about the black-on-black violence in Chicago or the issue of absentee fathers.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Saturday, August 4 MLB Free Play: Angels vs. Indians

Take #969 LA Angels and Cleveland Indians OVER 8.5 (7:10 PM ET Saturday, August 4)

The LA Angels look to clinch a series victory when they visit the Cleveland Indians in Game 2 of a three game set. First pitch is set for 7:10 PM ET at Progressive Field where the Indians are -230 moneyline favorites. The total is 8.5.

Los Angeles (55-56, 26-28 road) snapped a pair of losing streaks with Friday’s 7-4 victory. Shohei Ohtani had the best offensive night of his rookie season, logging four hits including two home runs. The Halos had dropped four straight overall and ten in a row at Progressive Field.

Shohei Ohtani With Two HR's vs. Cleveland
Despite dropping the series opener, Cleveland (59-49, 32-22 home) is still in control in the American League Central, leading Minnesota by 9.5 games.

Cleveland will send their ace Corey Kluber to the hill while LA will counter with Felix Pena.

In his last outing on Sunday, Kluber (13-6, 2.79 ERA) picked up his first victory since July 2 working into the 8th in an 8-1 victory. He’s 2-2 with a 3.99 ERA in six career starts against the Angels.

Pena (1-2, 5.23 ERA) couldn’t get out of the first inning Sunday against Seattle, allowing seven runs and six hits while retiring one batter. On the plus side he’s has allowed just one run over 9.1 on the road in 2018.

The OVER is 7-3 in the last 10 meetings in Cleveland. The Indians are 5-1 to the OVER in Kluber’s last six starts and 8-3 to the high side in his past 11 home starts. The Angels are 6-1 to the OVER in their last seven overall.

Let us know how we can help with your sports handicapping needs this football season. 

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Dancing Into A New Week

There were NFL games this weekend. There were more protests and there were male cheerleaders. Some of us tried but couldn't look ...