MLB Season is Underway with Cubs as the Chasee'

The 2017 MLB season is officially underway, and all 30 teams begin the campaign with the hope that they’ll be able to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy this fall.

That moment is still nearly seven months away however, so for now, the question needs to be asked: which team will ultimately win it all and stand atop the baseball world in 2017?

Will the Chicago Cubs repeat as World Series champions? Will a big-budget team like the Boston Red Sox or Los Angeles Dodgers dethrone the Cubs? Can the Cleveland Indians end their title drought, now the longest in the sport?

We won’t know the answer until November, but for now, here's our "lock" for the 2017 campaign. Bob Harvey Sports will make you money this baseball season.

No matter how you slice it, you'll get our season, monthly, or weekly package for one dollar per play or less.

That's an average of $1.00 per day.

Get every regular season game, all sides and totals, through and including the World Series.

Each play will be sent via mail, text or you can call us for that days play.

Weekly, Monthly and Season Packages are available. We also offer daily ALL SPORTS selections for $10.00 per day,

Sports handicappers claim that their prices are the lowest or the best bargain since Jesus left Chicago. In truth it's only a BARGAIN if you win. And we win. Thanks to our excellence on the runline we've posted stead and increasingly profitable baseball seasons for the past five years.


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