Betting Baseball for Fun and Profit

Winning is always enjoyable. It's even better when our clients take time out of their busy schedule to praise our service. That's the most gratifying part of this business. 
Our MLB numbers are off the chart. Since opening day we've earned +50 units.That means my $100 dollar bettors are up over $5,000 dollars. Think what you could do with that kind of money. Take a vacation, get those new golf clubs you've been wanting, take the wife on all well deserved shopping spree or maybe put it towards a new car.
Now let me address a common misconception that we deal with every April.
"No one bets baseball".
I've always wondered why many new or experienced bettors hold that belief. Winning is winning. Whether its wagering on the NFL, College Football, College hoops or the NBA, the bottom line is beating the book. With that said, take another look at investing in Major League Baseball. We've produced seven consecutive winning seasons and are headed for another plus profit campaign. 
We're a SOLID 26-16 (62%) and have earned a whopping +38.47 units season to date. All numbers are documented by Picks Monitor.
Try our service for 30-days for $75.00. If I don't show you a profit of of at least +10 units, you'll get a refund and another month for free. 
We've also got a super, below market season package. Sign-up now and get every play we release through the World Series. Just $150.00

We're providing a solid MLB cash flow  and maybe we can change the narrative and encourage more people to bet on baseball. I invite you to join us in our "Pursuit of All Sports Profits".

Thanks in advance and good luck from Bob Harvey Sports.


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